BTS was honored at the Japan Record Awards for 2nd Year in a Row

BTS was honored at the Japan Record Awards for 2nd Year in a Row

Japan Record Awards is an annual music award ceremony. It is often considered to be equivalent to Grammy Awards in Japan. It aired live on TBS on 30th December 2021. BTS won the Special International Music Award at the 63rd Japan Record Awards for the second time this year.

The members were unable to be physically present at the award show unlike last year. However, they thanked their fans and accepted the award through a pre-recorded acceptance speech. They stated that they are truly grateful to receive the said award a second time and are happy that so many people listen to their songs. 

Due to their absence BTS could not perform at the Award show. Their performance on their song ‘Butter’ was aired instead. The performance was recorded from the group’s recent ‘PERMISSION TO DANCE’ online concert. 

The year did not end here for BTS. Their choreography video for ‘Dynamite’ has hit 200 millions views on YouTube making it the 25th full group music video to cross over 200 millions views. Dynamite’s choreography version was released on September 26, 2020.

Dynamite the MV version was released on 20th August, 2020 and it soon broke many records. It was BTS’ first English song that united the fans from all over the world. Dynamite helped BTS to become the fastest Korean Pop group to bag a million views on YouTube. 

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