Top 10 K-dramas of 2021

Top 10 kdramas of 2021 vincenzo squid game hometown cha cha

K-Dramas have garnered attention from all over the world in the past couple of years. The main reason behind the popularity is the fact that the dramas cover a wide range of genres providing the audience with thrill, suspense as well as cozy, heartfelt episodes. Numerous people have also talked about the exceptional storytelling of the dramas. Various applications and websites are wrapping up the year so we thought why not wrap up the year with the 10 best K-dramas of 2021. If you have missed any of the dramas, you still have the time to check it off your list. 


  1. Squid Game. 
squid game poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Starting from being the inspiration of cosplays to being the backbone of new trends, this K-Drama has created sensation worldwide. Squid Game is a survival based drama where contestants fight against all odds to win the cash prize. The games are children’s games but with a deadly twist. The cast has done a fabulous job in portraying the emotions required for the drama on screen. HoYeong Jung, Anupam Tripathi, Lee Jung-jae among others has specifically stole hearts of millions. 

  1. Vincenzo
VINCENZO poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Vincenzo has been a talk in the town since the day it was released. Fans were overjoyed to see Song Joong-ki play the role of an anti-hero in the mafia drama. At the age of eight, he was adopted and sent off to Italy. He joins hands with mafia. When things go downhill, Vincenzo comes back to his mother land South Korea. There he crosses his path with a lawyer with whom he joins forces to take down an evil corporation. The drama further intrigues the audience when the duo falls in love with each other. 

  1. Hellbound
Hellbound poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Hellbound is a dark fantasy K-Drama based on the webtoon that goes by the same name. The story of Hellbound is one of a kind. It reflects today’s society with a fantastical twist. Several unseen beings deliver condemnations against people. They are being sent to Hell which raised the concept of divine judgment. 

  1. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Hometown cha cha cha poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

If you are looking for a cozy series to binge watch in the cold December nights, then Hometown Cha Cha Cha is the best option. It is a rom-com that revolves around the different aspects of a city and a rural life. Yoon Hye Jin who lives in a city loses her dentist job. She travels to a seaside village of Gongjin for a vacation. Hong Du- sik lives in the same village and is known as the Jack-of-all-trades because he does not shy away from any job. Due to cosmos they cross paths several times and gradually start liking each other. 

  1. Move to Heaven
Move to Heaven poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Move to Heaven is a Korean Drama that is inspired from the non-fiction essay “Things Left Behind” written by Kim Sae Byul. Geu Roo, the protagonist of the drama, works as a trauma cleaner who is supposed to arrange and clear out the possessions of dead people. Geu Roo’s father dies and he starts working with his uncle, Sang Koo.  Sang Koo was a martial artist who had been to prison. The drama traverse through the theme of death and how difficult it is to survive after the death of one’s loved one. 

  1. Nevertheless
Never the less poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Nevertheless is another K-Drama based on a popular webtoon. The two main characters of the drama have a unique view regarding the concept of ‘love’ due to their previous relationships. The drama tells the story about a heartbroken woman who wants to fall in love but is afraid to do so and about a man who finds dating bothersome but likes to flirt. Unexpectedly, Park Jae-Eon, the male lead, falls in love with Yoo Na- Bi. This was the turning point in his life as he encounters various changes in him. 

  1. The King’s Affection
The king's affection poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

The King’s Affection is a South Korean historical romantic drama series that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. The Crown Princess of the kingdom gave birth to twins. However, the twins were considered to be inauspicious. The Crown Princess wanted to save her children, and as a result she sends away her daughter out of the palace secretly. The twin son gets killed few years later. The Crown Princess kept the death of her son a secret and brought back her daughter to the palace disguised as the Prince. The girl now has to hide her true identity while ruling the kingdom. 

  1. My Name
My name poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

My Name is a crime fiction K-drama and tells the story about a girl who is thirsty for revenge after her father’s death. Yoon Ji Woo is helped by a powerful crime boss who advised her to go undercover as a police officer. The drama aired on October 15, 2021 at Netflix. 

  1. Beyond Evil
beyond evil poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

The drama Beyond Evil picks up pace when a serial murder case resurfaces after 20 years in a small, peaceful city. Lee Dong-sik is leading a quiet life working at the Manyang Police Substation. Dtective Han Joo-Won who has a commendable background gets transferred in the same police station and becomes Lee Dong Sik’s boss and partner. 

  1. Snowdrop.
snow drop poster with characters top 10 kdrama 2021

Snowdrop has to be the most anticipated k-drama this year. Kim Jisoo of the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, is the lead female character in the Korean drama. The day the drama released its posters and synopsis, several controversies arose regarding the authenticity of the drama. The drama has just released 2 episodes and yet it has been all over the news. Snowdrop takes place in 1987 South Korea ruled by a dictatorial government. 

So which one will you be watching before the end of the year? Leave in the comments below which Kdrama you believe should be in the list.

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