Lee Hyori Shares Her First Pet Trauma And How It Changed Her Way Of Life

Lee Hyori recently revealed her traumatizing experience with her first pet dog Mary. In a episode of SBS “Animal Farm” Lee Hyori said,

When I was young, a dog from the countryside came into my house and we decided to care for it. Her name was Mary and I spent a lot of time with her when my parents went to work and my older sisters went to school. I was scared of being home alone and Mary gave me strength during those times.

Lee Hyori

She further explains that Mary had been living with her from the age of two until middle school, making her a part of the family for over ten years. But one day suddenly disappeared.

Turns out, my parents took her to a Bosintang (dog meat soup) restaurant and my sisters and I were so shocked we cried our eyes out. Ever since then, Mary has always been in my heart. I always had the thought that I wanted to help. It was hard to make up my mind, but once I did, I started to go to different animal rescue centers starting in 2009 and later adopted Soonshim.

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